Membership Costs

Membership Costs

First, if you are unclear about the distinction between TEAM and MEMBERSHIP, please refer to this article.

There are 3 components to the cost of membership:

  1. The association fees directly paid to the Odyssey of the Mind international organization (per MEMBERSHIP)
  2. State fees paid to the NorCal  Odyssey of the Mind organization (per MEMBERSHIP)
  3. Tournament fees paid to this regional organization, per TEAM that will compete in the regional tournament

The first two are enumerated and explained at the NorCal Odyssey of the Mind website, on the link Memberships – National, Association, Regional. The same page also has an on-line payment form for the NorCal Association fees.

The third fee, paid to the region to offset the costs of running the regional tournament is $75 per team in 2019-2020. If a team registers for more than one problem, the fee is per problem.