Coaching Resources

Coaching Resources

Other important links (such as the link to the Program Guide, list of changes, rules index, clarification) are under the Links section.

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2020 Problem Synopses

Reflections of a First Time Coach

What is the Role of a Coach?

What is Outside Assistance?

Typical Annual Time Line

Codes of Conduct:

      Code of Conduct for Coaches

      Code of Conduct for Teams

Various Style Guides:

Style Guide by Lisa Love

Florida Style Guide

Michigan Style Guide

Maine Style Guide


Step by Step guide

Diamond Brainstorming An interesting brainstorming tool

Scamper brainstorming

Wikipedia Brainstorming

Design Research Brainstorming

Brainstorming for Primary Kids (more oriented to writing, applicable for script writing)

Meeting Ideas and Team Building Resources:

7-Step Guideline for OotM Solution

Suggested Goals for the First 5 Meetings

What do I do with these guys for a Hour and a Half?

Team Building Index Site

Teampedia site

Teambuilder exercises for youth

Team Discussion Tips

"Scholarly Etiquette"

Parent Meeting Handouts:

Parent Guidelines

• Team Code of Conduct - See above for link

Parent Permission Slip Sample (Editable Word doc, tailor to your needs)

Student-Parent Contract (Editable Word doc, tailor to your needs)

Team Member Contract

FAQ for Parents

Program Guide (Coaches need to read this cover-to-cover!):

This Year's Program Guide

List of changes to the Program Guide

Program Guide Index to Frequently Accessed Topics (not available yet)

Various Spontaneous practice resources (free):

Odyssey of the Mind


Virginia Problem Archive

CT Odyssey SponZone

NE Pennsylvania Spontanious Problems

Florida Spotaneous guide

Southwestern Opportunities Network Spontaneous

Semal OM Spontaneous Archive

Exploratorium Structures

More Coaching Resources

Quick Tips for Coaches The official Odyssey of the Mind Coaching guide 

Coaching Reminders Some more coaching info

20 Questions to ask your team right before Tournament

Coach's Bill of Rights Coaches have rights too! 

NorCal Odyssey Coaches Resources  A variety of differnt types of resources.

Instructables  - Instructables is a simply AMAZING website that shows how to build simple machines, costumes, art pieces, you name it!

 Info for Balsa Structure teams

RAFT, the Resource Area for Teachers is a wonderful place to get materials for long term & spontaneous problems. The RAFT stores are located in Redwood City and San Jose. There’s an annual membership fee, but the vast supplies of unusual and cool materials are worth it.

Tournament related information

Tournament related information from the website:

Spontaneous Problem Procedures

Long Term Problem Procedures- General