Long Term Problems

Long Term Problems

Every year, there are 6 long term problems available. For a synopsis of the current year's long term problems, click here.

To contact a problem captain for a specific problem use the "Contact Us" link on the left side of the web page.


flintstone-carProblem 1: The Vehicle Problem - Problem #1 is always a vehicle problem. Every even year, the competitors build and ride a full-sized vehicle that performs certain tasks specified for that year. Every odd year, they build one or more model cars which have certain specifications and perform tasks that vary each year.


Rube-GoldbergProblem 2: The Technical Performance Problem - In Problem 2, the competitors are required to enact a performance, with a different technical twist each time - usually in the form of a device that has to be built that performs certain tasks specified in the problem.

greek-statueProblem 3: The Classics Problem - In problem 3, competitors are challenged to bring some classical themes alive in a performance. These may include items from mythology, history, art, architecture, etc. This usually involves reproducing one or more classical items as an artifact in the performance.

balsaProblem 4: The Structure Problem - Balsa wood structures dominate problem 4, where competitors build a structure with different specifications each year. These structures are tested to destruction during the performance which will also include other style elements for score. How much can a 10 gram structure hold? 10 lbs? 100 lbs? 1000? You will be surprised!

image_arts009Problem 5: The Performance Problem - While all problems include some performance element, this problem's main emphasis is in the theatrical performance. Competitors are give different themes each year to which they create a play including the construction of props, backdrops and costumes involving technical skills.

all-kids-costumesPrimary Problem: This problem is for kids in the K-2 grades. This is non-competitive, and gives kids an introduction to Odyssey of the Mind, in a way that they can have a lot of fun with. All the teams perform at the Regional competition, and they are not ranked, so they do not perform at the State or International level.