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Silicon Valley Odyssey of the Mind Newsletter

February 18, 2018

Tournament Forms, Lots of Forms!

Coaches, it's time for your teams to get all their paperwork in order for the Silicon Valley Region Tournament on March 3rd! Here is a rundown on all the various forms you will need to bring to the tournament. We have added lots of info on the Tournament Drop-down Menu on the website. Under this Menu there is drop-down selection "Forms" . There you can download the necessary forms or find information on where you can find them. There are 2 forms that are not available on the Member Area of the website. They can only be found on either the Forms area on website or the Important Forms and Info area of the website. Tip of the day: It's a good idea to keep a complete extra set of your team's forms in case something goes missing. You never know, you might need another set if your team advances to States where you will need  to hand them in again!

Media Release Forms - collected at Coach Check-in

Each team member & their parent needs to sign one of these. Each coach also needs to sign one. We will collect these forms from the coach when he/she checks in to pick up their coach packet at the tournament. This form allows us to post pictures taken at the tournament on our website &/or Facebook page. So coaches please download the forms from the website Tournament Menu and get team members & parents to sign well before the tournament. Don't forget to sign your own form too!

Team Code of Conduct Form

You can find this form in the Forms section  on It is a pledge to follow the Program rules, exhibit Odyssey Spirit and behave responsibly and ethically when participating in Odyssey of the Mind events. Please go over this form with the kids so that they understand the expectations and know what they are agreeing to abide by. This single form needs to be signed by each team member. The Staging Area judge will collect this form along with the teams other problem-related forms when they check-in at their Long-term problem site.

Outside Assistance Form

All team members - including any who dropped out but may have contributed ideas to the long-term problem solution earlier in the year - sign this form. If there has been any outside assistance for the team it must be listed on this form.  For a review of Outside Assistance info refer to pages 45 & 46 of the Program GuideThis form is collected at the Long-term Problem check-in.

 Cost Form

The cost of materials used in the team's long-term problem presentation need to be listed on this form. Receipts should be available if there are any questions. Please review pages 46-49 in the Program Guide for what needs to be included on this form concerning "fixed cost" items and "exempt" items. This form is collected at the Long-term Problem check-in.

Style Forms

The team will list on this form what they want to have judged for the 5 "Style" categories for their their Long-term problem. For definitions and tips regarding the Style form see pages 22-24 of the Program Guide. The "Coaching Resources" drop-down under the "Coaches" Menu on the website also has some links to helpful Style Guides. 4 copies of this form are collected at the Long-term Problem check-in.

Problem Specific Lists

Most of the Long-term problems require a Problem specific list that identifies certain aspects of their solution for judging. Check the Problem rules to see what is required. The forms can be found in the Member Area of the website.This form is collected at the Long-term Problem check-in.

Any Team Clarifications

If your team requested any team-specific clarifications from Nationals they need to print out those clarifications and bring them to the tournament. The staging area judge will collect these.

Whew, that's a lot of paperwork!

Volunteer Time-slots

All registered volunteers were emailed the link to the SignUp Genius to select their time-slots yesterday evening. The SignUp opened at noon today!  Please check with your team volunteers to make sure they have completed this step and picked their job. The Deadline to complete this step is the evening of Feb. 22. Prompt attention is needed!

Next Up . . .

We will be posting more tournament info in the next few days so watch for more Newsletters and website postings. Tournament logistics, procedures, maps, food truck menus, fun activities, etc.

Busy, busy, busy! We are getting excited to see everyone's creative solutions!